We at Search For Excellence have a commitment to do every single thing to the best of our ability and knowledge. That is why we concentrate our efforts solely on the permanent placement of experienced and practicing attorneys, ensuring our position as experts in our market.  Our goal is for our work product to be as close to perfect as humanly possible.

We expect big things from ourselves. We have built our reputation over years of service and through the maintenance of long-standing relationships. We understand the value of developing deep and rich personal connections in our market. If we are not on a first name basis with someone important, we soon will be.

Whether you’re a client or candidate, you have expectations of what an experience with a recruiter will entail. Words that come to mind are effective, professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. We think it shouldn’t stop there. Search For Excellence meets those criteria and strives to provide more. Integrity, commitment, loyalty, care and discretion are also what we offer as a means of adding value to your experience.

We spend the time and resources most recruiters are not willing to commit to networking, technology and coaching. We constantly reinvest in these areas and our in our support staff. We want our placements to be long-term and, therefore, take great care in knowing our clients to ensure a perfect fit.

It is always our intention to work with clients who are interested in partnering with and allowing us to be an extension of the team. We become invested. It makes the experience richer for us and increases our footprint in the market.  Our goal is to make such difference for our candidates that our involvement changes the trajectory of their career.  Simultaneously, we strive to add value to our clients by rounding out their talent pool and fulfilling their hiring needs. Our way of operating is advantageous to all parties.  We are looking for a win-win in every circumstance.

Search For Excellence is different than other recruiting firms. If you chose to work with us we will want to fully know you, add value to your career or organization and maintain a long-term relationship. If you prefer an ordinary vendor then we will be happy to refer you to one.

Search For Excellence is willing to work on a contingency, retainer or container basis.


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