How We Work: For Clients

For the client: We have mastered a task that is time consuming and often ineffective for most firms and companies; we successfully locate candidates pursuant to your specific criteria and send you information on interested and appropriate candidates. We demonstrate our respect for your time by sending only qualified candidates for your positions. We will occasionally challenge you to think counter-intuitively and consider resumes of candidates who do not exactly match your job description, but whom we feel will complement or enhance your existing practice. We think outside of the box.

The first steps: One of our recruiters will contact your hiring partner or firm administrator to create a detailed sketch of your ideal candidate. To provide you with only the most qualified candidates’ resumes, we will ask detailed questions about your requirements, such as years of experience, salary parameters, bonus structure, billable hour requirements, supervising partner, etc. For partner-level searches, detailed information is needed on minimum portable business, practice area, nature of clients, and hourly billing rates. We will execute a contract between Search For Excellence, Inc. and your organization and discuss specific parameters in advance of beginning the search.

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